1. annfriedman:

    New professional bio.

    Rockin the perfect resume. ann friedman rules!!

  2. Cats will be cats (by Kevin G)

  3. mermaidpoops:

    My outfit for job interview. (Taken with Instagram)

  4. aminuteawayfromsnowing:

    Cue burgundy ponte peplum top, Tibi trousers, Kors rose gold watch.

    An untimely work outfit post, I know. I’ve had a really stressful week at work and the fact that I’m eyeing off a giant coconut cake for dinner says it all. 

  5. aminuteawayfromsnowing:

    It’s been a few weeks and I’ve had some time to come up with my work ‘uniforms’. I work in a corporate/casual environment and because I rarely see clients or very important people, this allows me a bit of freedom to wear what I want, within reason. 

    My personal corporate style generally revolves around soft tailoring, which I find works best in my workplace. I shy away from suits and stiff shirts; instead I reach for fluid silk shirts tucked into ankle grazing trousers. 

    I wear pants on 4 out of 5 days, on average, and I find that these styles have become my staples for work:

    Black silk trackpant-style pants, which are great for days when I’m wanting to wear something comfortable or relaxed (particularly on Fridays!). My ‘lazy’ work outfit consists of these pants, with a loose-fitting white t-shirt (always tucked, though) and a lightweight blazer in a light tan/fawn hue.

    Printed pants, particularly in a tapered silk or ankle-grazing style. I always pair them with a tailored black blazer so that the outfit is office-appropriate. I also love mixing prints - albeit conservatively - and find that a breton knit or top pairs with prints perfectly.

    Cigarette black pants, a true classic in my humble opinion! There is nothing that this style doesn’t coordinate with. I’ll sometimes cuff them to above the ankle and slip on a pair of ankle boots, like my Susannas or Pistols.

    Coloured pants, with burgundy being my favourite. Because sometimes black can get a little predictable. 

    The above work wardrobe staples provide me with four ‘uniforms’ that give me enough variety to get me through the working week. On other days, I’ll probably wear a skirt or a dress (or if it’s Casual Friday, I’ll choose an outfit from my regular wardrobe).

    I have separated my work wardrobe from the rest, which has helped immensely with choosing an outfit in the morning and, strangely, with achieving a work/life balance. My husband recently pointed out that one of the great things about adopting a work ‘uniform’ is being able to ‘switch off’ from work once I come home and change or when the weekend rolls around again, because I’m not wearing my work clothes on the weekend and vice versa. 

    I won’t lie; I have dipped into my play wardrobe on a couple of occasions when I’m getting dressed for work, which leaves me feeling majorly guilty. However, I’m surprised that it hasn’t taken as much discipline as I thought it would to stick to the slim pickings in my work wardrobe. I’m getting dressed in half the time, leaving me with enough time to grab that coffee before I head into the office. I could definitely get used to this :)

  6. strawberrybananablonde:

    last saturday’s outfit, going in to work

    jean shirt, walmart $10

    skirt, gift

    belt, tj maxx $8

    watch, target $16

    shoes, target $20

    outfit total: $54

    (via strawberrybananablonde-deactiva)

  7. otherkin-taco:

    Top: Goodwill

    Cardigan: Goodwill As IS

    Skirt: Jc Penney

    Belt: Macy’s

    Shoes: Famous Footwear

    cute, but not totally color coordinated…

  9. aminuteawayfromsnowing:

    Quick outfit post before I step into a meeting!

    Topshop burgundy ankle grazers, Zara blush button-down with patch pockets, leopard print ballet flats from France and my Prada tote.

  10. workinggirlstyle:

    Just kept it simple today.